Floral Decor and Accessories, for you and your pet!

At Kona’s Flowerworks, we work with you to design the perfect custom floral piece of your dreams for your cosplay or fursuit, and even your terrarium pet! We have a very quick turn around time with optional work in progress updates for our customers! 

I was surprised by this gorgeous glittery poinsettia flower clip for my fursuit! It’s big, beautiful and matches my suit perfectly! 


Fefner given a new white flower head piece made by the wonderful Sarah Jean. I love the passion that was put into making this beautiful flower for Fefner. I can’t thank her enough. Please an support this amazing bear! 


About Us

Welcome to my website! My name is Sarah, and my name in the furry community is Kona! I’m 23 years old, a reptile mom of four, and a part time grizzly bear. I took three years of horticulture classes in high school, and I enjoyed the beauty of flowers and nature so much that as an adult I make floral arrangements as a hobby. Recently, I decided to make my hobby into a side business and share my creations with the world! I specialize in making floral decorations for costumes/fursuits as well as terrarium decor for small animals. Thank you for checking out my site, and I hope that I have the opportunity to make something for you that you’ll enjoy for years to come!

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